Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with Redlands Community Foundation provides a flexible and simple way to manage your charitable giving. By establishing or contributing to your DAF, you may qualify for a big tax deduction for the current year (check with your tax advisor) and then your actual donations to multiple charities can be staggered over several years.

1 | Creating a Donor Advised Fund at the Redlands Community Foundation is a simple process. Our staff will work with you to create a fund agreement that will name your fund, assign advisors, and help establish your giving intentions.

2 | You can make tax-deductible gifts of cash and securities to your fund as soon as it is established. You can make additional contributions to your fund at any time.

3 | Once you’ve made a contribution to your fund, you are ready to begin recommending grants. Grant recommendations can be submitted in person, via email, or U.S. mail. Grants can be made to local, national, or international charitable organizations. Our staff will always conduct due diligence to make sure the organization is qualified to received a tax-deductible gift. A grant check will be issued from your fund and mailed to the recipient organization, accompanied by a cover letter describing any details related to the grant.

4 | You will receive quarterly activity reports on your fund that include your fund balance, grant payments, contributions received, investment activity, and fees.

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